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Covid-19 (Coronavirus) may impact ARCC Services.

Please call 613-345-3881/1-800-567-7415 for information regarding services.
For the most recent Covid-19 updates please visit the Brockville General Hospital website.


Assault Response & Care Centre of Leeds and Grenville

Welcome to the Assault Response & Care Centre (ARCC) of Leeds and Grenville.  

We provide inclusive services to all youth and adults who have been victims of or affected by sexual assault and/or domestic violence. 

We provide non-judgmental, compassionate, trauma informed care. Your privacy and wishes are respected by our team. Our goal is to assist you in your healing journey any way that we can. 

We advocate for a future without violence.

To contact our office please call 613.345.3881 or 1.800.567.7415

We invite you to visit our social media pages and send us content you would like to share with others.