counselling servicesServices for Men

We provide free and confidential counselling to men who have been victims of or affected by sexual assault and/or domestic violence. Our focus is trauma informed, client-centered, supportive and non-judgemental counselling. See Counselling for a list of services provided. 
Our nursing team provides specialized nursing care through the Brockville General Hospital’s Emergency Department for men who have been recent victims of sexual assault and/or domestic violence (also referred to as intimate partner abuse). See Nursing for a list of services provided. 
Throughout the year we may offer workshops and groups specifically for men who have experienced violence. 

Group members will:

  • Explore issues specific to male survivors.
  • Become empowered to make positive and healthy decisions about healing.
  • Have the opportunity to gain peer support with men who have experienced trauma.
For more information on services available for men in our region please visit our Resource section.